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Relaxation Audios

I have produced some beautiful relaxation audios to help you to let go of the tensions and stresses of the day and take yourself to a place of creativity and inspiration.

All audios are non subliminal.

All products are available as convenient, easy downloads. You can be listening to them in minutes on your computer or on your mobile device.

Stress Relaxation for Busy People

Stress Relaxation for Busy People audio relaxation


Relaxation audio download

This beautiful MP3 has a deep relaxation for when you really want to relax.

When you have had a busy day, put your feet up, close your eyes and relax. Let the beautiful music and sooothing words guide you a place of deep, peaceful relaxation.

Feel refreshed and let all the stress of the day gently melt away.

Track 1: Intro - 3 minutes

Track 2: De- Stress Relaxation - 30 minutes

Track 3: Power Focus, when you need an energy boost before an important meeting - 5 minutes

Track 4 : Quick De-Stresser - 5 minutes

Run time approx 45 minutes


Only £8.99

Relax Your Way to Sleep

Relax Your Way to Sleep audio relaxation


Relaxation audio download

Are you tortured through lack of sleep or tossing and turning with millions of thoughts running through your head?

Put the beautiful MP3 on, let your cares and troubles gently melt away for one of the best night's sleep you have had in a long time.

Only £8.99

Mind, Body, Spirit Detox

Pure Energy Detox audio relaxation


Relaxation audio Download

Would you like a complete mind, body, spirit detox while gently soaking your feet in a foot spa?

This gorgeous audio is the same length as a detox foot spa treatment. Ideal for Therapists or for a special pampering treat at home.

Only £8.99

Relaxation for the Bereaved
Heal the Grief

Relaxation for the Bereaved, Heal the Grief audio relaxation

More information

Relaxation audio download

Have you lost the person who made your life complete? Are you so stressed you can't sleep or think straight?

This lovely MP3 download contains a gentle relaxation and enables you to start the healing process.

You can even connect with the person you have lost, should you wish to.

Only £8.99




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