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Inner and Outer Weight Loss Journey
How I conquered a life-long battle with weight through healthy eating, regular exercise and clearing the inner issues that caused yo-yo dieting and binge eating

I lost 70 pounds, 51 inches and dropped 5 dress sizes by eating sensibly and healthily, exercising regularly and Clearing Out the Inner Junk!

No pills, no potions, no patches, no starvation, no deprivation, no fads!

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This book is the story of my Inner and Outer Weight Loss journey over the last 18 months.

It tells you exaclty what I did to lose that weight in the three crucial areas for sustained, healthy Weight Loss.


The OUTER Journey

  1. Food - I explain how I lost weight following a simple, well-balanced, healthy eating plan where there is no deprivation and no forbidden foods. The BIG secrets to this area are Portion Sizes, Eating more Slowly and Writing Things Down, so it does not matter what eating plan you follow. This is so simple. It is NOT a diet, it is a sensible, sustainable eating plan, where I have fundamentally changed my relationship with food.

    If you like the idea of losing weight by eating NORMAL food, you'll love this!

  2. Regular exercise of at least 30 minutes 3 times per week

  3. Clearing the Inner Junk, which includes issues of Self-Worth and Self-Love that date back to events that happened when I was six years old, clearing the patterns that have caused binge-eating and yo-yo dieting for years and learning to like, love and accept myself.

This book gives you the practical action steps that I took on the OUTSIDE to reduce my weight.

It is also the story of my own INNER journey, where I took myself back to the time where my weight issues started and how the patterns of eating repeated themselves over the years.


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The INNER Journey

At each point in my own story, I give you the practical processes that I used to clear those old memories, the pain, the frustration, the emotions and the meanings that I gave to the events which contributed to my weight issues.

It all started for me as a six year old child, when I was sent to private school in the nearest town (20 miles away) which I hated and where I was abused by an old nun for being bright and clever. At the same time, my father was ill at home with cancer and I was convinced he was going to die - so I ate and ate and ate to comfort myself.

That was the start of binge-eating, secret-eating, lying to myself and others about the food I was eating and getting steadily fatter.

As a six year old child, I gave those events some pretty big meanings. These included a feeling that I was unloved, unwanted, in the way, a big problem, pretty useless, a terribly bad child and an all round worthless lump of nothing.

I know that does not seem logical as an adult, but that was how I felt as a six year old child.

Those same issues of lack of self-worth, a sense of total self-loathing and a desire to be invisible have blighted everything I have done over the last 40 years.

I have tried to hide behind my weight and use fat to try to protect myself from life, as well as the safety net to hold my marriage together.

In my own journey, I have looked at all my old, no-longer-serving beliefs around myself, food and my weight, how my weight has served me (or not) in my life, what I have allowed the weight to mean to me and about me, as well as my own fears around releasing the weight.

The OUTER actions of Food and Exercise are crucial for weight loss, but it is what is happening on the inside - in the world of thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that determine whether the weight stays off or whether it goes back on.

This book is Part PERSONAL JOURNEY and Part PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS that you can take on the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE to Lose Weight and Keep it off!

I hope you enjoy it.

"Love this book. It is a personal story about an ongoing battle with weight that has finally been won. Its a story written from where the author is now and so we get to share her success with releasing weight and also her journey on continuing to do so. Amanda shares her personal experiences that have contributed to her weight gain and her releasing of past issues to help with her release of extra weight. This is a book that focuses on the inner work needed to help those of us who may hold on to weight because of bad experiences in our life. By reading Amanda's story (and sometimes her husbands story too) it encourages us to take a look at our own inner issues so we can get clear on what our personal blocks may be. Well worth reading." - Diane Corriette - Personal Growth Coach


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With abundant blessings.

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