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Changing Lives Coaching Audios

I have used this powerful process with my personal clients to achieve some amazing results.

The aim is to identify ONE major limiting belief or block to success and clear it about 90 minutes. Once you clear the major, core limiting belief, there will be a ripple effect right across your whole life.

You can read about the power of the Changing Lives Coaching process on my testimonials page.

I was recently interviewed by Neil Long, UK radio presenter about Clearing Limiting Beliefs. The first thing Neil wanted to know was:

"Is it REALLY possible to clear a major limiting belief in only 2 hours?"

Absolutely it is.

Neil questioned me on exactly HOW this process works. You can hear that interview for FREE by clicking on the buttons below.


Can ONE event in your past shape your life for the next 20, 30, 40, 50 or more years?

I truly believes it can..... and often does.

Many of our beliefs we hold about ourselves, money and success stem from the decisions we made after ONE incident in our lives and much of the rest of it builds on that.

It may have been a simple remark by a “well meaning” parent, adult or authority figure or it may have been a remark that was made out of spite and with ill intent. It may have been an incident, where you overheard something you were not meant to hear.

As children we take on board, without questioning the things that adults, siblings and others say to us and that can have a lasting impact on us- right into our adult years.

Clear the Blocks and Soar!

This life changing programme is now available as a Master Manual and audios, so you can work with it in your own time.

This is the same process I use for my personal coaching clients. It is a 90 minute programme over 3 audios. It includes the full process, as well as the questionnaire with the questions to identify the Limiting Beliefs.

It has a relaxation to go back to the place where something happened and you first took on a limiting belief. Clearing and Releasing take place in that mediation.

With the third audio, you go forward in to meet your future self, you can ask any question you would like to help you get from where you are to the place where your future self is waiting for you.

The package is a complete package of tools for you to be successful in creating your DreamLife

You do not need any other tools or materials to be able to carry out this process for yourself.

  • Changing Lives Coaching Audios - A complete coaching process on 3 audios
  • Master Manual with Power Questions to get right to the Core of Limiting Beliefs
  • Meditation to go back to the source of the Limiting Beliefs and change that belief before it became an issue in your life
  • Future Self Meditation - get guidance and wisdom from the Future You and find out exactly what they did to bridge the gap between now and then.

You also receive:

create your ideal day ebook

Create Your Ideal Day Ebook

The first step to Creating a DreamLife is knowing what it is that you desire to have in your life. Creating an Ideal Day where you build in all your intentions and desires is a very powerful process.

prepare yourself for success

Prepare Yourself for Success Audio Relaxation

Imagine yourself as the successful person you have always dreamed of being, imagine yourself with the money, success, influential friends, vibrant health, passionate relationships, interesting hobbies and the time to enjoy it all. This beautiful audio recording allows you to create and vividly experience in your mind your Ideal lifestyle. It allows you to step inside "Your Future You" and experience that Ideal Lifestyle from the Inside Out.

Once you know what you want, you can then look at the Limiting Beliefs and blockages that are stopping you from having that DreamLife.

    clear limiting beliefs audio relaxation
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs Audio Relaxation

  • Let your blockages to Success gently dissolve while you rest and relax - no need to dig up the past or even to know what beliefs are holding you back. If you listen to this at bedtime, you are likely to have a good night's sleep and wake up finding that aches and pains may well have disappeared as well

clear limiting beliefs workbook

  • Clear Limiting Beliefs Workbook.

  • This is the perfect companion to the Clear Limiting Beliefs audio because you can then tap into both the logical left side of your brain and the creative right side to have MAXIMUM IMPACT. This contains The Top 10 Limiting Beliefs that could be holding you back and stopping abundance flowing into your life and Quick and easy tips to identify and release limiting beliefs using some simple pen and paper exercises.
    generational clearing
  • Clearing Generational Limiting Beliefs Audio
  • Many of the beliefs that no longer serve us were learnt by the things we experienced as children. Many habitual patterns of behaviour have come down through generations of families. This may be challenges with relationships or health or money or many things. Once you notice these patterns, they are very easy to clear.Be free of phrases such as "Like Father, Like Son, Like Mother, Like Daughter" or "it's all in the genes or it is hereditary." Make your own choices, decide your own destiny.

    acceptance cd
  • Acceptance Audio Relaxation

    Acceptance Workbook Guide - acceptance of people and situations exactly as they are without trying to change them is a very powerful way to come to a place of peace with a situation, so that you can then open up the space for new ideas to come to you or simply allow the situation to resolve itself of its own accord.

    creative problem solver workbook
  • Creative Problem Solver workbook

  • Get your pen and paper out and start to tap into an unlimited flow of creative ideas for whatever project you are working on. Proven ideas and strategies for coming up with new ideas and new ways of thinking.
    creative problem solver audio relaxation
  • Creative Problem Solver Audio Relaxation

  • Sit back, relax, go on a journey to that special place called your Inner Wisdom Sanctuary, where you can meet with your Higher Self or All Knowing Guidance to gain even more phenomenal insights into creatively solving problems that you may be facing. Combine those insights with the ideas from the pen and paper exercises and you have a powerhouse of fabulous ideas.
    intuition in business ebook
  • Develop Your Intuition in Business Ebook

  • Learn how to tap into your Intuition and know when something is totally right for you, as well as know immediately which opportunities and people to avoid. This is one of the most valued skills that virtually all top entrepreneurs have at their disposal.

BEING - Audio Relaxation and Ebook

BEING audio relaxation amanda goldston

Your True Core is one of Magnificence, Love, Joy, Power and Abundance. Over time this gets masked by life experiences and by the beliefs and opinions of other people. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to allow all that non-serving stuff to dissolve away, so that you can reconnect with your True Essence and Your True BEING.

This audio relaxation is probably one of the most powerful I have ever created because it uses the amazing power of Golden Light to clear away what does not serve you (and probably was never yours anyway) and then to fill you with the beautiful, powerful, expansive, Golden Light energy. This helps to connect you to the Universal Source Energies and to the energies of the Earth.

The accompanying ebook explains about BEING and how to live from your True Core Natural BEING.

This is a complete start-to-finish process that includes all the tools that you need to create your DREAMlIFE. All of them come into the Coaching Process at some point. You can now have them all at your disposal to use as you need to.

As personal coaching with me , this would be valued at £1299, however as a Master Package, it is



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We want you to be totally satisfied with your products. If you're not happy with the results from any of my ebooks or audios, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just let me know within 90 days and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it). No questions asked.

This is a downloadable package of mp3 audio and pdf ebooks. You can be enjoying these products in as little as 5 minutes, after we receive your payment...

I am sure you will be really delighted with them.

To your Life of Joy, Fun and Abundance.

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