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The process of Acceptance is very powerful. Acceptance of a person or a situation exactly as it is without trying to alter or change it or them in any way is very freeing.

Once you can come to a place of peace with your current situation, then it frees up the space for either creative answers to come to you or for the situation to resolve itself on its own.

When there is no attachment to the outcome, amazing things can happen in your life.

I have created some products to help you with this process.

Acceptance Audio Meditation (Download)

This beautiful meditation guides you into a state of peaceful relaxation and helps you come to terms with any person or situation in your life where you may have been efforting, resisting or trying to create a change. When you accept it, without trying to change it, you can then hand it over to the Universe to deal with and you can also create a space where new ideas and inspiration can come to you - if that is appropriate.

Relax and enjoy. Running time 15 minutes



Acceptance Ebook (Download)

The Acceptance Workbook takes you through a powerful 12 step process to Accept whatever situation you may be facing for exactly what it is, in order to come to peace with it.

It guides you through accepting the difficult emotions that may come up and fears that are likely to be present. Once you can accept the very worst in a situation and be at peace with that, the actual outcome will probably not be as bad.

It takes you to a place where you can allow the situation to be as it is, hand it over to the Universe or a higher power to deal with and relax in a place of peace, where greater creativity and insight can come to you.








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