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All ebooks and audio downloads are non subliminal.

All products are available as convenient, easy downloads. You can be listening to them in minutes on your computer.

Create Your Ideal Day

create your ideal day ebook

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  • Use the amazing principle of 'more is less' and get far more results in less time
  • Feel more at peace, happier and far less stressed over your goals than you have ever done.
  • Wake up with a beaming smile on your face, ready to leap out of bed to enjoy a day of success

Only USD $17

Prepare yourself for Success Audio Relaxation download

prepare yourself for success audio relaxation

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Prepare yourself for Success Audio Relaxation

Imagine yourself as the successful person you have always dreamed of being, imagine yourself with the money, success, influential friends, vibrant health, passionate relationships, interesting hobbies and the time to enjoy it all.

This beautiful audio recording allows you to create and vividly experience in your mind your Ideal lifestyle. It allows you to step inside "Your Future You" and experience that Ideal Lifestyle from the Inside Out.

Enjoy a delicious relaxation experience and Prepare Your Mind to allow Success to come to you.

This is a downloadable product, so you can be enjoying a blissful relaxation in under 5 minutes.

Only USD $11.99

Creative Problem Solver

Creative Problem Solver audio relaxation

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Relaxation audio download

How to generate a flood of creative ideas to quickly and easily solve any life challenge...

If you are struggling to decide between a couple of paths, use this audio relaxation MP3 to gently and safely explore those options.

Maybe you want to rehearse for an interview or important meeting then this MP3 could help.

Sit back, relax, let yourself go on a wonderful journey to your Inner Wisdom Sanctuary where you can connect with your Higher Wisdom and tap into a flood of innovative and creative ideas that are perfect for you to deal with any life situation you may have.

Only USD $11.99


Creative Problem Solver Ebook

If you need a flood of creative ideas to solve a niggling challenge or worry, then this beautiful package could be just what you need.

Use the pen and paper exercises in the comprehensive workbook to get your creative brain working..  

Only USD $14.99


Develop Your Intuition in Business Ebook

Develop Your Intuition in Business Workbook

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Some of the reasons why you might want to develop and use your Intuition or gut feeling in business:

How to tell immediately if someone is lying.

How to get an insight into the character and personality of someone you are dealing with and know instantly whether you can trust them or not.

Know in advance what objections someone might come up with to your sales / businesses proposal and be prepared for them.

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