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Opening to Receive Money and Financial Abundance Audio Relaxation

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Using powerful golden light, which is one of the highest vibration energies you can clear away old, unhelpful, no-longer-serving limiting beliefs, blockages, thoughts and feelings around money, most of which are probably not yours anyway.

The second part of the relaxation is to raise your energetic vibration, so that you become more aligned energetically with the things you desire in your life, especially material things, financial wealth and money.

Open yourself up to receiving money and financial abundance from any number of sources, increase your luck and good fortune and get in touch the part of you that wants you to have money and financial abundance.  Allow yourself to feel worthy of receiving all the good things that your heart desires and that the Universe wants to being to you.

Opening to Receive Money and Financial Abundance Audio Relaxation

Only $12.99 USD

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