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Learning to Read Tarot Cards for yourself can be a very valuable skill. Tarot cards or any kind of Oracle cards, intuition cards or wisdom cards are best used as a trigger for your Intuition and to connect to your own inner wisdom. They have no magical powers. They are a deck of cards with 78 pictures on them. Pictures are the oldest form of learning and instruction because they speak to each person individually. Everyone will see and feel something different when they look at the pictures.

Tarot cards have three main uses.

  • Personal Growth including developing Intuition, accessing creativity, highlighting blocks and limiting beliefs and connecting with your inner guidance.
  • Understanding yourself and others from the perspective of the core personality, as well as how that person is acting or reacting in specific circumstances.
  • Likely future outcomes if a particular course of action is followed and nothing changes, empowered decision making and creative problem solving.

It is not difficult to learn to read tarot cards, especially the Rider Waite Smith deck of cards because you are using the cards as a trigger for your Intuition.

Some products to help you in your Tarot Learning Journey of discovery.

Brand New - Just Released!

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn to Read Tarot Cards - With Any Deck - Ebook and Audio Course

Learning to Read Tarot Cards, and that is using ANY deck of cards is actually quite simple. Tarot Cards are a trigger for your Intuition and a way of quickly accessing your own Higher Wisdom. When you treat the cards this way, you find it is less important what the pictures and symbols on any deck of cards “mean.”

This is a completely different approach to Learning to Read Tarot Cards and to Developing Your Intuition through Tarot Cards because it works on general, universal principles, rather than being specific to a particular deck. It is a simple system that can show you how your read your tarot cards and get the best answers from them – in minutes – without an in-depth understanding of all the pictures and symbols in the pictures.

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Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot BOOK

Learn how to use the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards to tap into your Intuition. Discover a simple system for quickly and easily understanding the meaning of the Tarot cards by looking at the colours, shapes, symbols and the story in the pictures themselves. Use the cards to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Detailed meanings on all 78 cards as well as 5 different spreads, including the hugely powerful 6 month spread. This is a physical book that will be shipped to you.

Only $24.97 USD + $12.95 worldwide shipping

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Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot EBOOK

All the same fantastic information that is found in the Book is also contained in downloadable ebook version. You can be starting on your Learn Tarot Journey in minutes as soon as we receive your payment. The course contains full colour pictures of all the cards in the Rider Waite Smith deck of cards, as well as detailed information on each of the cards to get you started and space for your own note.

Only USD $14.99

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Easy Learn Tarot Audio Course

This huge package of goodies contains over 6 hours of audio recordings of detailed explanations of each of the cards in the Rider Waite Smith. as well as a focus on the 3 main spreads of 3 card spread, 21 card romany spread and Celtic Cross Spread.

There are a further 4 hours of audio recordings of sample spreads using different suits of the cards and all of the cards for both business and personal situations. This is accompanied by a written workbook with pictures of all the cards, suggested explanations and space for your own notes. It is a very comprehensive course.

Only $297 USD

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"Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards" Ebook by Amanda Goldston

Are Reversed Tarot cards just an energetic blockage of the Upright Cards or is there something much more hidden in the Meanings of the Reversed Cards?

Can some Reversed Cards actually be easier or better than the Upright Cards?

Come and find out in my brand new ebook.

only $14.95 USD


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