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Clear Limiting Beliefs Products

Limiting Beliefs are thoughts that you hold to be true for yourself, that limit you and stop you from having the abundance and success that you deserve and which are your birthright.

Here are some beautiful products to help you to release beliefs and blockages that do not serve you.

All audio relaxations contain music and voice. They do not contain any hypnosis and are non-subliminal. They are all downloads, so you can be listening to them in minutes. Please do not listen to them whilst driving or operating machinery.



Clear Limiting Beliefs Relaxation

Clear Limiting Beliefs audio relaxation

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33 minutes running time

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Relaxation Audio Download

Do you find yourself hitting the same blocks to success time and again?

Most blocks to success are created at an unconscious level in childhood. Let them gently dissolve away while you Sleep or Relax. No need to revisit old memories or to drag up the past.

This beautiful relaxation guides you to a place of deep relaxation where blocks can be gently dissolved. You can also use it at night as you go to sleep.

only $11.99 USD

clear limiting beliefs ebook



Clear Limiting Beliefs Workbook

Use the workbook to explore limiting beliefs and blocks to success. Take the Beliefs quiz to find out what hidden blockages may be sabotaging your success - you may be surprised!

Then use the powerful relaxation to gently dissolve any beliefs that don't necessarily want to come to the surface.

Combine both sides of your brain to blast through unhelpful blockages.

only $14.99 USD

Generational Clearing

generational clearing relaxation audio

Audio relaxation and Ebook Guide



Generational Clearing Audio and Ebook

Many of the beliefs that no longer serve us were learnt by the things we experienced as children.

Many habitual patterns of behaviour have come down through generations of families. This may be challenges with relationships or health or money or many things.

Once you notice these patterns, they are very easy to clear.

Be free of phrases such as "Like Father, Like Son, Like Mother, Like Daughter" or "it's all in the genes or it is hereditary."

Make your own choices, decide your own destiny.

only $19.99 USD

Clear Limiting Beliefs for Holistic Practitioners

Clear Limiting Beliefs for Holistic Practitioners

This relaxation CD, Workbook and audio workbook can help to become a Powerful Healer..With Money!

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  • Master Manual Workbook
  • over 3 hours of audio recordings of the master Manual
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs relaxation
  • power focus preparation before a client relaxation
  • clear your energies after a client relaxation

Relaxation audio/ Workbook and audio Workbook

Do you struggle to reconcile  healing values with having an abundance of money?

Perhaps you are stuck in a job you hate and trying to build your holistic practice part time? Maybe you get overwhelmed with people expecting your services to be FREE?

Includes Workbook to Clear Limiting Beliefs, Audio of Workbook to listen to in the car or as an MP3. Also included are 3 powerful relaxations to help you to relax, to focus on your ideal outcome before a client and to clear away any residual energy after a treatment

Clear blocks to Success and allow money to flow to you with MP3 download

Only $199 USD








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